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Fully Erupted Wisdom teeth Removal



Junior member
Jul 21, 2018
Hi, so I recently got my wisdom teeth removed, 1 last Friday of July, so roughly a week and a day ago, and that was tooth number 17 lower mandibular which was rotated toward the lingual. That begin the heal perfectly fine and looks great! Tuesday earlier this past week I believe that was July 17th, I had the other 3 removed. All again, fully erupted and these 3 came in regular, none rotated at all. However, number 32, lower right mandibular area, seemed to not heal the same way the others did, this one had a dark area inside which looks like a blood clot but then has yellowish tissue around it and looks UGLY the other ones are healing with the whitish gray look no pain at all but if I do not take ibuprofen for number 32 with the yellowish stuff around it, it will make tooth numbers 24-31 feel tingly and some sort of awkward pain going to/in my ear, if I bend over it’ll cause pressure and pain and I am not sure what is happening, to me, it doesn’t look like epithelial tissue because of it’s appearance but what do I know?... I actually get waken up out of my sleep around the same time every morning/night because I can feel it coming back toward my ear so I wake up to take ibuprofen, I have to take it in 3hr increments instead of 4-6 I do do my salt water rinse and the Peridex(chlorodexine)rinse with my syringe but something just seems off, if it were a dry socket I feel I’d be in tears instead of annoying pain and I’m thinking it’s just irritated and not infected but again, what do I know? Wish I could upload a photo so you can have a visual. If you could provide an email address to send it to, that would be awesome ! Thanks in advance !
Hi Marsh,

I have no idea what exactly it is, but having to take painkillers every 3 hours and waking up in the middle of the night due to pain around your ear... sounds like a reason to see a dentist, even if just for him to tell you 'it's ok'.

All the best wishes