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Fully Erupted Wisdom Teeth Simple Extraction Only Local Anesthesia



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Jan 18, 2014
Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share a success story, since they're just as if not more important than the horror stories. I see lots of posts about IV sedated extractions, much less about local only. I'm a 32 male, referred by my dentist to an oral surgeon to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed to make it more hospitable to some crowns that I need on neighboring 2nd molars. Went for consultation today, he said I had beautiful bottom wisdom teeth, candidates for root canals should i ever have cavities in them, truly no need for removal. "But lets take out the top two out today, okay?" Now, I was definitely not expecting both tops at once. I've read that tops are easier, but what about eating? No "good side" to favor? He told me not to worry, I'd be eating tonight.

Long story short. Top two, local anesthesia only, removed at 4:45. Time now, 7:08, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

You'll be fine, as everyone says, the anxiety is the worst part! :rolleyes:
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