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Further supportive information needed if possible please....



Jul 11, 2016
Have posted on here before (and you may see the previous hx). Dental health has deteriated (now on prescribed liquid foods) and the interrelated mental health impacts of PTSD and DID (very severe). GP and the mental health team are aware this is a distressing deteriating situation physically and mentally. They are going to be discussing with hospital dental and medical teams If an induced medical coma can be done. As in safely in pysch ward, then the GA (all extensive dental work), induced coma/ICU (while healing, few days?), medical ward (if needed) and then safely in the pysch ward (to recover mentally etc).
The questions for dentists here please....
Have you ever been involved in a case like this, have you or colleagues known of cases where induced coma was needed and or done?
Any www links to information of relevance would be very much appreciated, thankyou.
Sorry K.M, as a general dentist I would not be involved in this sort of thing. I have to say that I have never heard of such a situation.
GA for extractions is not uncommon though.
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Bit more of a specialist than Dr H, but I've never heard of anyone doing this either. Good luck.