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Gag fear and don't like things in my mouth!



Junior member
Jul 2, 2014
Hello I used to go to the dentist as a child and remember horrible experiences of my mum holding me down while a rubber gas mask was placed over my face to put me to sleep.As an older child however, I went to the dentist alone with no fears or problems. I wouldn't say I enjoyed the experience but the pain, sounds or needles did not, and still do not, worry me.

However, over the last few years I have built up a terrible problem that has prevented me from going to the dentist,I cannot bear to have my mouth open for too long or have things in my mouth as I have a really bad gagging problem.Even typing this, sounds daft, but makes me gag.I can't work out if its phsycological, or physical, but probably think its a combination of the two.

I can brush my own teeth, carefully, choosing where I put the brush, not touching my tongue or cheeks or the back of my tongue, and for how long I let it be in my mouth.

I have had to stop going to the dentist as I could not even open my mouth for him to examine me.

I have paid privately for concious sedation, seemed great at first as I couldn't remember anything, but the dentist siad I had even started to battle with him during that.I also can't afford to pay so much anymore.

I am in constant pain now as I know I need work doing and take lots of tablets to combat this, but the cost and fear issues are stopping me getting help.

I have recently paid for hypnosis in the desperate bid for a miracle cure but it hasn't helped.

I think I would like all my teeth taken out and implants put in whilst asleep so Ididn't have to face the dentist again-but of course can't afford this! I could never wear dentures because of the palette!

I work with customers so don't want big gaps in my mouth where my teeth were!!
Can anyone recommend a really patient nhs dentist in rotherham-and has anyone else got a problem like mine? I feel so stupid...

Thank You..
firstly, it's not your fault and you absolutely shouldnt feel stupid.
I used to have a patient with a similar problem at my last practice. He would start gagging as he walked into the room.
We helped him by using small cameras to examine the teeth nd then sedation when treatment was required.
If hypnosis hasnt helped then you should explore counselling or psychotherapy as these may help give you a long term answer. I suggest you discuss it with your GP.
Best of luck