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Mar 23, 2006
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Lots of positive recommendations in the above thread including these:

Male Dentists:
'I'd recommend Liam McGee on Merchants Rd (3 Recommendations). I let my teeth go after a few bad experiences. A friend refered me to Liam and I now go to him twice a year for check ups. Nice Bloke. The same Receptionist there for years too.'
'Agreed! I was starting to develop a dentist phobia before my sister told me about this guy. He is very patient and willl let you take a break as often as necessary. Seems to specialise in nervous patients!'
'Id recommend this place too, they won't treat you like a child or force unnecessary work on you'
'For dentist I would have to recommend Dr Liam McGee (Unit 2 Lawrence House, Merchants Road, Galway, tel: +353 91 566614 ). I was at him a few days ago after months of dreading going to someone but knowing I should. He was recommended to me as being kind and very gentle and I'd have to say I came away very impressed. I didn't even notice that I'd had the injection until he told me it was done and he explained he does it very slowly so as not to hurt. Anyone who goes to that trouble gets my vote. He did a very good job over all too.It was by far my least traumatic trip to the dentist.' [broken link removed]

'Try F.X. O'Brien on Forster Street next to St. Patrick's Church. I went to him having not been to a Dentist in ten years. He plays soothing classical music and has Art on the ceiling for you to look at while he's working away. He explains everything while he is doing it.'

'I've only been once since being in Galway but went to Peter Gannon - I found him very good and he came highly recommended. And unlike visiting a dentist in Dublin I didn't have to wait in the waiting room for three hours. He saw me at my appointment time. Go Galway. I found him reasonably priced and punctual, and besided all that i actually fell asleep i was so relaxed and he worked away on a filling. i didnt think something like that would be possible in the dentists but it was years since i was at one and drills and all that have gotten more friendly'

'I would like to second the recommendation for Peter Gannon - he was absolutely wonderful with me. I arrived as a complete nervous wreck, but Peter somehow managed to give me the confidence to have treatment. He's extremely gentle and has a very light tough. I cannot thank him enough.'

Peter Gannon
Unit 3 Rosard Cappagh Road, Galway
091-596768 '
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Female Dentists:
Dr Asta Reddin (3 Recommendations)

Bridge street
'Agreed. I made the decision last year to fork out and get my teeth sorted and find Asta Brilliant. No big lectures, she is extremely professional and sensitive to any issues people may have regarding pain/treatments/etc as are all the staff. In the last year I've had four hygienic sessions, an implant operation, denture, bleaching and fillings. The only discomfort I've experienced was a small bit of soreness AFTER my four hygienic sessions (as I've stated I wasn't doing an adequate job looking after them so they needed some work). There was not one iota pain for the implant (includes opening your gum, drilling a hole in your jaw, inserting implant, stitching up (7 stitches I think) and allowing heal for 4 months (with a denture of course) before continuing with the false tooth. I'm not telling you this to scare you in anyway, just to show exactly how painfree the dentist is nowadays.'

'I would highly recommend Asta Reddin also, she is very kind and very professional. I used to hate going to the dentist, but not anymore'

'Can't recommend Asta Reddin on Bridge St highly enough. I had a friend who was terrified of the dentist, but she developed an abscess so she had no choice. I told her to go to Asta and she was amazed at how little pain she had to go through and how nice she was.'

'My dentist is Catherine Long, office across from the dáíl bar. Very polite and informative.Not cruel or judgemental about flossing habits. . .'
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After seeing Dr Aster Reddin recommended here, I booked an appointment and visited her today. I have been to a dentist once in my life - & that was only because I had an abscess which had got to the point where I could barely open my mouth...I was ready to deal with that pain rather than face the dentist. When I made my appointment, I let staff know that I was terrified - from that point their attitude was understanding, kind and professional. On entering Dr Reddin's surgery, I began to cry - but did not feel in any way judged. Not one thing was done without a full explanation and a reasurrance that I was always in control. For those who are scared of needles (which I most certainly am) I have to say that I did not need any fillings, so I cannot comment on that - but can say that I have no doubt, that if I had needed to have a filling, Dr Reddin would have put me at ease. The last question I asked Dr Reddin was 'when do I need to see you again'? This I can honestly say is something I never imagined myself saying. From start to finish - staff, relaxed atmosphere, calming environment, I cannot say enough positive things about this experience - my first dental exam at the age of 36. For all nervous people, please be confident that a visit to this dentist will be a positive one :)
After reading the recommendations on here for the last year i finally plucked up the courage to go see Dr. Asta Reddin. At 37 years of age I had only been to the dentist about four times in my adult life after enduring a week of extreme pain so this was a huge step. If I had to go I'd be literally crying for a few days beforehand with the impending fear and I'd also have to take a valium on the day of the visit. I had an extremely bad experience as a child with a male dentist resulting in an absolute irrational fear from then on. It's seems to be all women working in her surgery which helped. On arriving for my first appointment I filled out the standard form and wrote about finding her on this website. When she saw that she completely put me at ease and took her time with me. After a very gentle initial exam and x rays she cleaned my teeth - this was a great way i found of getting used to having the dental implements back in my mouth and even just the dentist 'handling' me again. She assured me it was no problem. I had six broken teeth and asked about getting them surgically removed so she said as my confidence would build we'd talk again about it. I've had five fillings, loads of cleaning and polishing done and the six roots of broken teeth taken out with absolutely not one iota of pain. She never criticised me or made me feel uncomfortable and the fear has totally left me. I can't believe I'm now one of those people that when asked do they mind the dentist will now be saying 'No, doesn't bother me!' Another tip I found really helpful was I brought my ipod with me every time and especially for the fillings I turned it up and had relaxing music on it for myself. I've now voluntarily decided to have them bleached and I've a new denture to get yet but all the dental work is done - of course now i'm kicking myself why I didn't get it done years ago. I was always worrying incase they'd 'kick off' while I'd be away on holidays or a front one would break so now thankfully I can relax. So if anyone's reading this that can identify with my story all I can say is to book the appointment and you won't be sorry!

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