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Gap between bridge and gum



Junior member
Apr 23, 2024
I’ve had this bridge for over 40 years and over time, there has appeared a gap between the bridge and the gum. It hasn’t caused any problems though.

However, my dentist thinks that I should either, allow him to fill the gap - or remove the bridge entirely to see what’s underneath and then either fit a new bridge or remove the post and fit dentures.

I’m inclined to leave well alone to be honest. The thought of having all that done is beyond terrifying.
Being thick here, what's the question?
The question is, is it okay to leave it?
The question is, is it okay to leave it?
That's pretty much impossible to answer, especially sight unseen.
Best I can say, in my best Dirty Harry impression is "Do you feel lucky?". It is likely to fail at some indeterminate point in the future, but I have no clue when that will happen.

The option is either to do something about it when it suits you, or not. It might fail on Xmas Eve or when you're boarding your holiday flight. Or it might not...