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Gas anaesthetic dentistry

I was reading this until about 1.15 am this morning it brings back memories of when i had gas in the dentist.

I had quite a few GA inductions in the Dentist's chair when younger.
The first one was the most trumaumatic . I didn't know what to expect but after the first time I chose having "Gas" every time for dental treatment, either for fillings or extactions.
The expericance of the Anesthetist had a big bearing on the whole GA experiance.
Some took time to expain what was going to happen, others were not so friendly.
Generally I quite liked the induction bit, breathing the sweet gas till you were all giddy and wobbly, then the musty anesthetic would quickly put you under.
I would wake up feeling rather horrid, but much preferred this to being awake during Dental procedures.
I was a very strong gag reflex, I can provoke this by brushing my own teeth!
I would like to experiance the Dental Anesthesia experiance again but the procedures have changed quite a bit since my childhood.

I used to get put to sleep with Nitrous Oxide and Halothane.
Halothane is no longer used.
I'M sure Nitrous Oxide abd Sevoflurane would make a good substitute for stress free, easy Dental treatment.