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General anesthesia in dental office surgery soon scared really scared



Junior member
May 14, 2016
I'm Samantha
I'm having oral surgery on the 19th, I'm going under General anesthesia at a dental office. This scares me deeply, scared of never waking up, and waking up in pain or making a fool of myself. Scared of everything. I'm getting two wisdom teeth out. Really really scared. Any advice, has anyone been under General anesthesia at the dental office.
I'm freaking out can't sleep or think about it without crying. Help please. It's 5 days away
I'm on FB under Samantha Lyn Withee
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Well-known member
May 6, 2016
Hi Samantha...
I had all 4 of mine out at the same time at an oral surgeons office...I asked them only to twilight me. They respected my wishes I think it is still considered GA. They had the little nose prongs for oxygen and a tiny tiny IV needle in my hand for the twilight stuff. I remember none of the work, but I could hear them talking. I was completely awake and was annoyed they insisted on helping me to the recovery area and that I had to sit there for 30 minutes.
I was also very scared of being put out hence me asking for a lighter form but enough that I wasn't going to freak out (originally I was going to ask to be awake that's how scared I was of being put out)

Is this the dentist office you normally go to or a different one? How old are you? Can you call the office? If it's a different office than normal maybe you could ask for a longer appointment explain that you are nervous and would like to speak to the doctor first about level of sedation. It might be that it's the same kind I had or they can do a lighter option for you if you rather. (or have someone call for you if you have a friend or family member) I still cannot call myself.

Bottom line is ask them if there is a lighter option...explain you are nervous...write it down if you are afraid you won't be able to say it. They really are used to it I promise especially if they are an oral surgery. You will wake up...My surgeon used novocaine even though I was sedated...I was not in pain when I woke up. (that may be common practice I am not sure)
You won't make a fool of yourself. (All those Youtube videos people post don't help)
Ask if you can bring a blanket or something to have until they sedate you (depending on the office they may not want you to have it while they are working) and for after. (seriously the answer may be no but it doesn't hurt to ask. I had a bear they really didn't want me to have it back there but I think they realized I wasn't letting go of my stuff she sat on a window ledge where I could see her safely away from the risk of blood and they made sure my stuff made it to recovery.
*hugs* hang in there it will be ok.


Well-known member
Oct 13, 2015
Las Vegas, NV
I've had a molar (not wisdom tooth) removed under general anesthesia (still have my wisdom teeth!). 6 months later I went back for the implant and had general anesthesia again. I would easily do it again. In fact I had an upper GI test done and they have to do that too...so I've had it done 3 times.

First, I was super scared too. During the consultation I felt a little lightheaded. When i was led to the room, I started to hyperventilate. I was clinging to my boyfriend repeating 'I can't do this'. I suddenly had a moment of clarity and remembered my method of getting through what I was most scared of... the needle. I started talking to the nurse telling her a story, which was helping by distracting me. I was telling the story pretty fast and at a high volume lol. They got me all hooked up and the doctor put the needle in and I did not feel it (request the baby needle! makes a difference!). The doctor then said I would start to feel different. In seconds, I felt like I had taken 5 Lortab at once. It feels very good. The doctor told me to think about a vacation, so I did. Then I looked down and the IV was out; the surgery was done. I have very little to no memory of going to sleep. I then went home and watched TV for 4 days. I look back and the actual surgery wasn't that bad. I took an after dentist video of myself and I was totally OK. I said goofy things just like all the other people on YouTube.

6 months later I had another dental surgery and realized that it isn't that bad. I understand why I was scared at the beginning, but it's more of a fear of the unknown. Now that I know, it's not as scary. As for your other fears, let the office staff know and they can explain everything to you. Let them know what you explained here and they can put your mind at ease (personally I was not in pain immediately after the surgery). They know their job inside and out and can calm your fears. People go in for dental surgery everyday and are just fine afterwards. Just make sure you follow the doctors directions exactly during recovery and take lots of naps! Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm on FB too and my name is Sam too!