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German guidelines for treating nervous patients



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Sep 18, 2017
Just in case there are any german speaking folks interested: there is a new guideline for treating adult nervous patients that came out just today and can be downloaded here. It contains extensive information about possible therapies and recommendations stating CBT as a first-choice and EMRD as second-choice therapy for long term anxiety reduction and benzodiazepines, nitrous and general anesthesia as first, second and third choice treatment for short term treatability of patients.
Interesting :)..I love they have such a document out there..
I love it too! There have been 26 institiutions involed in it, basically all german boards from the fields of psychiatry, psychology, medicine and dentistry. I do not think there have been something else before in Germany. Haven't read it yet. One thing that wonders me is that hypnosis seem not to be cerommended (again, haven't read it yet so can't tell why yet, but it is there somewhere). Also CBT for use during treatment is not recommended while we know many dentists in English speaking countries use elements of it. Anyway, this is a great thing.
anyone have english version?
My google translater kicked in right when I opened it ,asking if I'd like to translate to English.