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get obsessed with teeth issues before a dental visit



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Jan 14, 2016
I am going to get a cleaning next Thurs. and it seems afew weeks before a visit, I get worried about at least one of my teeth and worry I will need the worst done-ie. extraction or crown. I am worried about a top molar that feels abit rough and is not straight, never has been, so it looks like there is a piece missing off the back where it is probably is just due to my tooth being not straight. I don't think a piece broke off but i'm not sure. I will ask when I go but how can I not worry in the next week? I just had a crown so finding out I may need another crown is not what I want to hear but if it is needed (may just need a filling there, which I hope is all that is needed) I will do it as I want to save my tooth.

You might find this video relevant:
I love that video from Dr. Daniel. I have the same difficulty you seem to have of focusing on some issues I notice with my teeth and thinking of the worst scenarios. You might end up discovering it's totally ok, might need a quick simple fix or something more complex. I have a molar that feels very slightly rough, but my dentist says he does't find it worrisome and doesn't see any issues. Now that I focus less on it, I barely notice it.
I am focussing on an issue which is a gum abcess. It started about three weeks ago on holiday and I saw a dentist who took an xray and I was put on antibiotics and departed with a letter for my dentist for the required follow up treatment. I make an appointment and take the letter along and they read what was suggested and looked at the gum. Obviously because of the antibiotics it was not as bad as it first was. I had an xray of the mouth and they decided it could be left so that another issue could be dealt with which was a root canal. The lump on my gum is white which clearly indicates puss (and I am no medic). It is not throbbing but if I put my finger and press on that area, it is a bit sore. I do not want it left just in case something happens to it. I have looked online and the way to treat a gum abcess is to drain it and the dentist does not see it as an immediate. I do not want puss left in my gum. Can I insist that they deal with it now or else I will find another dentist who will. Incidentally I when I was told I needed root canal I immediately left my dentist because she is private and I cannot afford to pay for private root canal and I registered with an NHS dentist who gave me a mouth xray as they do with a new patient and the NHS dentist found two fillings that need doing and a general scale and polish. I said what about my gum abcess and she said we can leave it for now so I said did you see a shadow on the xray where the abcess is and she said yes but its not very much. It may not be very much but it should not be there at all and I want it treated before anything else. Do I as a patient have any rights on this. This NHS dentist was not very friendly at all and asked me all sorts of questions about my diet. I do have a fair amount of fillings and she was trying to ascertain how they came about whether it is due to diet or poor hygiene or both but there is no need to have a go at me. My previous private dentist never spoke to me like that

I'm in the US so do not know too much about NHS. I just wanted to say . it sounds extremely frustrating and discouraging this experience. To go for one thing but then told you can put that off and not deal with it and want to treat for something else and then go on to have a go at you too with the questions . Seems quite condesceding from the sounds of it. I would be turned off on that aspect for sure. I don't know nhs rights but sure hope you can get this settled and find someone you feel comfortable with who can take care of the needs that are bothering you .
yes but I guess this dentist has a no nonsense approach and tries to get results by providing the worse case scenario and scaring patients into looking after their teeth better. However I have never had a dentist ask if I drink alcohol, fizzy drinks, put sugar in tea or coffee, eat cake etc. I came away from that appointment thinking I could never eat cake or ice cream or drink any alcohol again. She did not even say to me it is ok to have these in moderation. I would love to know how often she has a cake or a bowl of ice cream or a glass of wine but then she might say but I can afford to because I do not have a lot of fillings like you... They say fist impressions count for a lot and I cannot say I like her vey much and am reluctant to go back
Can you see if you can go to a consult elsewhere to see compare and see what they say and how you feel about it? 2nd opinion? even if you have to pay for it ? not sure how things are finanically. I know here in US. they do have second opinion exams either at no cost or very reasonable at some places. I agree,, first impressions really do go along way.. and I"ve had ALOT of dental visits that were both first and last for that one. If you want to establish a good trusting relationship go where you are comfortable if at all possible. I know that is quite a bit more difficult in some systems and places.
Where in the USA are you? I was in the USA in San Jose visiting relatives when I got the infection. The dentist I saw took thee xrays and charged me 100 dollars which my family said was cheap and the antibiotics only cost 6 dollars which they also said were cheap
I'm in Minneapolis. That does sound possibly very reasonable for xrays and exam for infection and for sure great price on the antibiotics.. There are many places that specifically give free 2nd opinion exams here though or very low I've seen like 25-50.00 not all places of course but they have the info on webpages about special offers.. prices SO vary here.. its crazy the difference sometimes. both in price and opinions and options.
yeah I think I will get a second opinion. What I want is for the remains of the infection dealt with and I want second opinions on one crown which the dentist said has a cavity underneath which she says she is not sue can be saved. I had a root canal done on that tooth about 9 years ago. I did not know you could get a cavity in a tooth under a crown because I thought the crown over the tooth protected it from wear and tear. Anyway I will report back how things go.
I panic about 4-6 weeks before my appointment, but go every three months for checkups. Even if I need work done in between I still panic.

I prefer to go regularly to catch any problems I do get early