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Getting a second opinion tonight .. need advice



Aug 30, 2017

i need quite a lot of dental work done. I have a chronic infection on the upper left side that requires me to remove the 1st and 2nd molars, and my first pre-molar. I will need an adhesive bridge for the pre-molar and an implant for the 1st molar. I also need to remove my lower 1st molar and get an implant. I also require a root canal on one of my front teeth.

Many people tell me to get a second opinion so I’ve made an appointment with another Dental practise tonight but I don’t know how to approach it. Shall I tell them I’m after a second opinion or shall I just leave it and see what they say? I’m worried if I tell them I’m looking for a second opinion, they might just agree with my previous diagnosis so they can make some money out of it.



Well-known member
May 6, 2016
I probably wouldn't say anything too much unless asked or if you have specific things you are wondering might have better options. If you taking a copy of your recent xrays then it will be implied anyway. I don't think they would just agree with the previous dentist though for no reason. That wouldn't give them them business necessarily...If i got a second opinion that was pretty close to my 1st opinion I'd be going back to the dentist I am comfortable with already for sure if I wasn't already well established with an office...then I'd probably go with which ever office/dentist I felt most comfortable with during the consult. So yeah really doesn't benefit them to parrot previous opinions for no reason.
You may also want to ask if they do everything reccommended in their office or would they refer out for some things...maybe that doesn't matter to you but for most things it would to me.