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Getting a second opinion (UK)



Junior member
Aug 2, 2016
4 weeks ago I had an old filling replaced as it was disintegrating and food kept getting stuck. Took all my courage (plus valium and headphones)

4 weeks later, two visits back to file the filling down..still in pain. Chewing anything hard brings searing pain and in between a dull ache. Dentist seems reluctant to do anything (and hasn't x rayed it) and says the only thing she can do is take out the new filling and try again!

I am miserable as hell with the discomfort and have lost confidence in her rather. Would it be daft to get a second opinion? (I'm NHS with her but could go privately elsewhere). I don't want to offend her but my tooth didn't hurt before she refilled it!
I honestly wouldn't bother too much about her feelings at this point. This is your health we're talking about. If she's unwilling to investigate, I would definitely go for a second opinion. :)