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Getting an implant when tooth is small?



Junior member
Sep 15, 2010
I’m having all 4 wisdom teeth out under GA and also having a premolar enough (15) and an implant inserted at the same time.

The premolar is a root canalled tooth that was never crowned (about 15 yrs ago & dentist never suggested a crown). The tooth has over time broken to the point where there is more filling than tooth. Thing is, the length of the tooth seems very short (my teeth are smallish anyway) and I’m wondering how that will work with an implant and affecting my bite? I’m a bit nervous at what it will feel like and if it will have to be small.


Well-known member
Jul 1, 2018
I am not a dentist so I can’t give you a technical answer. I can tell you that I had a similar concern when I had to have my front upper tooth extracted and an implant put in. My tooth wasn’t small, but due to crowding it was pushed forward a little, as was the lower front tooth opposing it. I was really worried about how an implant would fit in the space, and how it would affect my bite. I was really surprised at how well the implant fit and it did not impact my bite. They had to adjust the crown a bit to make it fit with the lower tooth but in the end it fit well.


Super Moderator
Verified dentist
Dec 7, 2008
Welwyn Garden City, UK
Hi fortcon,
Shouldn't be a problem. The crown will be the same size as your original tooth. There are some very artistic dental technicians around who never cease to amaze me by how well they can recreate nature with porcelain and metal.