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Getting dentures soon, scared and nervous



Junior member
Jul 27, 2017
I know in the long run It willl be better for me. But I'm so young (34) and sacred. Can am anyone give me tips . I love food what are some yummy thing you ate while recovering.
I was around your age when I got mine, it was a scary thought to think of losing teeth and nor knowing how it's going to be was verynscary. I can say my dentist was so compassionate in her helping me to come to this decision. I so quickly felt more self esteem when looking at my teeth and new dentures once I fully got them. I remember the day I was scheduled to get my teeth pulled for my lower dentures I could not have been more nervous . My dentist was on vacation I knew and I would have one partner pull my teeth and another take impressions. Om I arrive for my teeth pull sitting in the chair this ultra handsome 6'5 Spanish dentist w accent comes to pull my teeth, oh my. Well definitely had to close my eyes it was done before I thought he even started. Then I came back for impressions another day and fell in love w the kind fun easygoing way of her other partner who quickly put me at ease and even had me laughing. It was a little hard getting used to eating and I ate by myself for sometime as I would. Hose to remove my dentures. But all in all it gave me back my dignity and smile . You will make it through and I hope yu will have the amazing team like I did.
This site has a page with good suggestions on it.

I will also add that protein shakes are a good way to keep your weight up. Eating takes longer when you're getting used to the dentures, so you might find you're eating less. Protein shakes will give you some decent energy and stop you from losing too much weight.

Hang in there :)
I got my impressions done yesterday. And have the date set. I have ben trying to read up as much as I can. Ugh so nervous my stomach is going crazy. Does anyone recommend a good protein shake that doesn't have a weird after taste?
I actually used weight watchers chocolate ones when I was recovering from full extractions. They weren't bad. I drank lots of them because I didn't have much else to do :giggle:
I'm just getting my uppers.

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