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Getting fillings in a week! Aaah!



Nov 2, 2020
French/German border
So, I have an appointment for fillings on the 20th and I'm already freaking out and just...so over it. Like I don't want to do this, now or ever again and am sitting here wondering what the heck I did wrong (I mean, one is a replacement for an old filling, so in that case, nothing) and how to keep it from ever happening again. Seriously scolding myself for every ice cream, every drink with friends, every time personal life or work took over and I got a bit lazy and didn't give 100% when it came to dental hygiene. I know, nobody is perfect but I feel like just drinking plain water (I really like carbonated water ugh) and eating nothing but a few vegetables at all times while brushing and flossing obsessively. Though I do know that obsessing too much over something and doing everything perfectly at all times is not healthy either.

I had plans (luckily nothing serious/big like a trip or big outing, but still. Wanted to go to the pool and meet friends, plus I should be getting a new laptop. Computer guy has ordered it for me) and of course there are things I need to do but now it's like this fear and anticipation of this stupid appointment is taking over.

The one cavity is on my bottom molar near the gum line. I heard that the injection for this is the most painful other than a palate injection. Going without freaks me out, but so does getting that shot. I always had one assistant who was great but she won't be there on Tuesday...and is going to switch careers and study to be a life coach. I'm happy for her and she'll be a great life coach but....arrg! I'll miss her. Having a good assistant makes such a difference and she's the best one I ever had. The young woman who was with me for my check up said she was working that day and she seemed nice (but still inexperienced) and I don't know any of the other assistants at all. So I don't know who I'll have or how that will work out.

I just don't want to do any of this anymore. Like I want OUT. I know I'm whining and "that's life" and I don't want a toothache or to lose my teeth or whatnot either, but life would be so beautiful if nobody ever had to go to the dentist.
Well, it's done. The bad news is that I required not one, not two but THREE mandibular block injections to get numb. Apparently the nerve is pretty far back (that explains the treatment always hurting in the past with other dentists though I was supposedly numb). But they really weren't anything like I thought they'd be. I did feel a small sting with one and that was it. BUT I went to the dentist at 11.30 and I think it was 4 by the time the numbness fully wore off.
I had a new assistant, who will never replace my favourite one but was very nice as well. She did hold my hand and we laughed together when it was all finished and she gave me water to rinse and I almost spat up on her. And I DID get to see my favourite assistant as well. The new one walked me out asking, "Do you want to see hi to Yasmin?" Um, yes. So I got to thank her and say goodbye, as she will be leaving after the summer and I (knock on wood!!) won't be at the dentist until my next check up.
Congratulations!!!reading your post gives me some hope. I just signed on because I am desperate for support/help. I suffer from extreme dental phobia, and general anxiety. I have needed a root canal or extraction of my back lower right molar since January 2022. I had a dental emergency in March and I wound up in emergency room, the next day I had 15 shots of local anesethia (the mandibular block just was not working they tried that 2x) it was 4 carpules of the stuff she told me - and then they called the extraction - basically stopped saying I would need it out under iv sedation because I was not getting numb. It was a nightmare. Totally traumatic and since I have tried 28x to go again but have cancelled, ran out of chair etc.
I am not working had to stop after 8 years, I am a social worker myself and I can't seem to get past this. It is such a shame. I am on short term disability, but barely bringing in an income and I have no life like this. The only good thing is that the oral surgeon's office I have lined up to do this says I can call on the day I feel able to come in and they will put me on the schedule. I just hope somehow I can bring myself to get into the office, and get the iv sedation (I am TERRIFIED of that) I also hate local anesthesia because it just did not work on me the last time. One side of tooth felt numb and I could feel pressure which was unpleasant but I could deal.. the other side felt like they had not numbed me at all. It was traumatic.
Oh wow, I'm so sorry. That really sounds traumatic. It sounds like your anatomy might also be a little different than normal?
If it helps, I also I had IV sedation for my wisdom teeth way back when. I was completely out. Don't remember anything after the IV until I came to when it was all over. I would have gone for that again in a heart beat but it's hard if not impossible to get for minor procedures here (and, of course, expensive). From what I understand, oral surgeons tend to be REALLY good at getting profound anesthesia too, as they are not doing procedures like fillings and crowns, where a patient might "suck it up" or is able to cope without being fully numb, all day like dentists. So there might even be a chance of them being able to do it without the IV sedation.
Best of luck, and I hope the trauma finally ends one way or another.