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Getting Molar Extraction, Scared To Death...



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Apr 12, 2013
Err, hi...

..I've had a fear over dentists my entire life.. I've had surgeries done for my teeth when I was little, and it was horrible. They ignored my fear and just kept 'pushing' me into everything. The nurse who was supposed to keep an eye on me afterwards was (excuse the language) a total bitch... So that made my fear even worse.

I was in there back in November to get 3 teeth worked on. It took an hour, and my palms were sweating and I was shaking the whole time and almost cried four times. I was supposed to go back in some time after to get my upper back (3rd) molar extracted finally (its been broken to the gums for 2 years, ffs) and my mom cancelled because they decided just to do a damn cleaning.

Well, I've had severely bad (beyond severe) toothaches since Saturday. Luckily, they stopped Tuesday night and I've been pain-ridden since. But tomorrow I have an appointment at one.........

When I was told, I fell to the floor and started crying uncontrollably. Which is pretty sad/ridiculous...

I'm mostly afraid of the extraction (i'm also getting bonding done on 3 teeth again). Because its on top, at the very back, and it just seems like an impossible, difficult extraction. The assistant who was there last time wasn't paying attention and I ended up swallowing a ton of this nasty liquid they kept spraying my mouth with because she never sucked it out. What if the novacaine doesn't even numb the tooth enough? What if there are complications? What if he can't get the tooth out? What if it takes 2 hours? What if he tells me to go to a hospital instead?? :cry:

...If I had a choice, I'd never ever go back to a dentist ever again...

Any ideas on how to stay calm tonight (I probably won't get any sleep..), tomorrow before, during and after the procedure and a basic run-through of what's going to happen?
Hi, the dentist will make sure you are numb, ask them to test the tooth before they start to make sure if you are not sure. They will prepare the tooth, you may feel a tiny bit of pressure, they will rock it gently from left to right, then before you know it they will be saying that it has gone. You will be amazed at how quick it will be and totally pain free. I have had a tooth out in less than two minutes.
The longest part will probably be waiting for you to get numb. You will be given aftercare instructions to follow.

I have read on here that a tooth broken at gum level is easier to remove than a full tooth.

Good luck to you try not to feel too nervous you will be fine. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: If it makes you feel any better ask if you could arrange a stop signal to use if you feel you need a rest, I don't think you will need it as it will be so quick, but it makes us feel better if we feel in control. :butterfly:
Hello, I just joined this group and I know how you feel. I have a dental fear myself. You aren't alone. I am better at giving confidence than being that way myself and I hope to help you. First of all, have you explored options like getting a relaxing medicine from your doc to calm you down beforehand? Or maybe nitrous or IV sedation? I hear they all can be helpful. The worst thing that comes with all fear are the WHAT IF'S? I have learned that myself? In our mind we panic and think the worst what if questions and that makes us panic! How about What if everything goes ok! What if it's not fun but tolerable! No matter what you will get through this and I am sure after you will feel proud of yourself for doing what you need to do. Try to find a dentist you trust and understands your fears, and lets you know you are in control and that they will give you a rest when needed. That really helped me. I couldn't even get a filling done, and hadn't been to any dentist in 15 years but I found one who was patient with me and I let him touch my mouth! I know extractions seem worse and are scarier for people I also am afraid and need a few teeth out soon, but I keep thinking to myself that I am feeding the fear by all the what if questions then I get more anxious and that is not helpful. Try to think positive and try to think of the outcome, no infections, no pain, etc. Fear is what we create of our reality and can be reduced if we face it with courage and you indeed can face this fear:XXLhug: I hope everything goes ok for you and you have a quick recovery!