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Getting my Invisalign aligners tomorrow & I am terrified.

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Jan 4, 2019
none of your bees wax
Tomorrow I am getting my attachments & aligners and I'm starting to get scared. I already have anxiety about all things dental but I was actually feeling calm about getting my first set of trays till now. I was online doing some research on tips on living with Invisalign when I came across a lot of people saying they hurt and are very hard to get out without pain and this has got me all worried. Please help.
You should expect some pressure applied on the teeth, without some pressure there is no teeth movement. If you feel too much discomfort, the dentist can release some of the pressure.

I have not had invisilign myself, but one of my best friends got it like 2 months ago. at first she had some mild discomfort and getting used to it , now she is quite happy she started the process and has seen some improvement already. I don't know anymore but thought I would reassure you in any way I knew :)