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Getting my wisdom teeth out awake.



Junior member
Jul 6, 2017
I went to the surgeon and scheduled to get my wisdom teeth removed. We originally planed on having me put to sleep, but as a college student we switched to laughing gas and an anti anxiety pill before hand. At the time saving 500$ seemed worth it, but now I'm having second thoughts and get anxiety attacks every time I think about it. Like I just lay in bed at night crying because I'm so terrified. I've had an oral surgery awake before with just the gas and I know the most painful thing was the numbing, but I still was freaked out and shaking the whole time, but I hadn't had an anxiety pill then. Has anyone ever tried surgery awake with the pill? And if it didn't work do you think it's too late for me to switch to being knocked out? The surgery is in little over a month


Junior member
Jun 25, 2017

I was awake for my wisdom teeth removal (I had all 4 out). I was in the same boat and couldn't afford to it. Honestly, I found it worked very well! My biggest fear is of needles, so once the freezing was done I didn't feel a thing and was fine. My surgery wasn't very complicated (2 erupted and 2 partially erupted) so the whole ordeal took maybe an hour.

Good luck!