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Getting Nervous About Upcoming Crowning Work



Junior member
Oct 1, 2006
~Hi, all,
           I have posted a couple times on this site regarding root canals and fillings; FYI, I have had 2 root canals ( 1 on the upper right molar and 1 on the lower left molar ) and I have also had a temporary filling put in another molar.  I am planning to get crowns put on both the root canalled ( spelling ? ) teeth but I am waiting until early next year because by then, I will be on my boyfriend's insurance; we are planning to get married before the end of the year.  I am starting to get anxious and really nervous for the crowning  :scared:. I have never had a crown done before so having to get two of them done is starting to make me really scared about the whole thing :hidesbehindsofa:. Could someone please go through the exact process of crowning so I know kind of what to expect??  I know that would give me some relief from all this worrying I have done lately!! Is there any pain involved? Do you need to be numbed? How long does it take? Will I be able to eat normally on those teeth?  I have been sort of apprehensive about chewing and biting with the teeth that I have had root canals done on so I haven't actually directly used them yet; I am worried I might "break" the temporary filling in each one and I have also heard that teeth that have been root canalled are weaker and more brittle.  I haven't experienced any pain in the two molars that had root canals but I am still a bit nervous about using them.  I would greatly appreciate any words of wisdom from anyone regarding these issues! Thanks in advance!  :D



Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
1) Not much pain involved, certainly less chance than during a root canal
2) Maybe
3) It can take an hour or more, depends on the dentist
4) Yes

I think that's all your questions, shout if I missed one.