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Getting pain in a tooth that needs filled



May 20, 2018
Getting pain in a tooth that needs filled already has a filling in but now I’m getting pain isit to far gone ?
Hi @Natalie.emery I don't think any dentist could answer that question without at least taking a look at it, sorry :(. Do you have an appointment lined up?

Generally speaking, you may feel spontaneous pain if the decay is getting close to the pulp, but if it hasn't quite reached the pulp yet, a filling is still possible. Once decay has advanced into the pulp, the tooth can usually still be saved with root canal treatment (unfortunately, this is a lot more expensive than a filling). Hopefully, it's the former and the filling will still work!
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I did it and it was a deep cavity but hadn’t reached the pump thank god! Now a double tooth extraction to get through on Monday 😞