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Getting Second Opinions?



Jul 19, 2011
I need to have extensive dental work done, including extractions, several crowns and possible permanent bridge. To date I have visited two dentists to get their opinions and cost proposals and this afternoon I will be visiting a third dentist who specializes in prosthodontics. I have posted here before about the differences in opinion of the first two dentists and will be interested to see what today's dentist proposes. I have decided to go with whatever today's dentist tells me because he specializes in prosthodontics and has come highly recommended. My dilemma: do I tell this dentist that I am coming to him for a third opinion and do I tell him what the other two dentists have proposed treatment wise? I don't know if it's offensive or not to tell a dentist that I'm coming to them for a second/third opinion.


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Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
Personally I like to know as much as possible as whenever you are starting to restore someone it is a project and a relationship. I would have my most resent radiographs emailed to the dentist.