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Getting second upper right molar extracted.. lil concerned



Junior member
Mar 14, 2024
Hi, so I've had trouble with my right side for a while now. I've already had one tooth removed on that side.. and honestly im just scared?? my main anxiety is that my dentist will be upset with me. Bc the last time i went i was so nervous that i agreed to getting a pulp cap rather than just asking him to yank it, but.. thats not what i wanted. i just nodded a long like a fool

and now im seeing him again on the 27th and since ive changed my mind, im worried that this'll be an issue. and also,just worried that my bite will get messed up. But i've been fine with the other molar that got removed. so im unsure. idk. also had a whole plan out for me, he wants to scale and polish, and i just dont know if the removal will mess this up. and just be a big waste of time for him

a lot of anxiety about this. ive gotten better about going but its always the before thats terrifying for me.. and then the injections.. and having to show up with my manky teeth. ugh
Hi jitterbug:welcome:,

I totally hear you on the being nervous and just nodding to everything. I think this is pretty common - afterall anxiety makes you unable to think and communicate clearly. Being scared of a dentist also makes it difficult to contradict I guess. Is being afraid of making people upset something you are prone to outside of dental stuff as well?
Anyway, I don't think he would be upset. In any job if you work with people, they change minds and have questions and sometimes request something that contradicts your opinion. That's life I guess.
Would it be an idea to let your practice know about your concerns beforehand? Also, do you like your dentist?
Hi, yeah I do like my dentist. Though he is a new one, my original NHS dentist left. I've only met him two times but he's been understanding both times. I guess my anxiety may also be around the fact hes new to me lol

I am planning on letting them know beforehand. I'm trying to advocate for myself more, for what I want - I do want this tooth out because its caused a lot of hassle. Thank you for the reassurance, it means a lot

I'll post an update after the 27th, which is when i'll get it done. I am mostly concerned about the chewing ability, but im sure ill be ok
Liking your dentist is a great thing and surely makes it easier to voice your concerns. Keeping fingers crossed for the 27th :)
Hi, not knowing the details of your situation, sometimes a dentist can't perform certain procedures because it would be unethical to do so, for example remove a tooth that could easily be saved (just like a doctor wouldn't be allowed to amputate a toe because of an ingrown toenail).

So even if you had asked him to just "yank it", he may well have refused!

You're paying your dentist to be your expert advisor, and get the best outcome possible. I find that a good question to ask when making treatment decisions is "What would you do if it was your own tooth/mouth?"

Best of luck for the 27th and looking forward to your update :)
Hi, so I have decided to get the pulp cap done. Ig the only question I have is, how is the recovery?