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Getting tooth removed Oct. 26 w/twilight sedation; looking for encouragement



Junior member
Jul 15, 2018
Getting tooth removed Oct. 26 w/twilight sedation; looking for encouragement

I'm getting my wisdom tooth removed on October 26th under twilight sedation. I'm already feeling extremely nervous and am looking for some words of encouragement, shared stories, etc. I was originally scheduled to have the tooth removed on September 24th, but it was called off after going horribly wrong.

I have severe anxiety and OCD (diagnosed in 2006) which makes me especially edgy in medical situations. I've also had an obsessive fear for several years now of having to be put to sleep for surgery. It's difficult to describe, and it probably sounds silly to most people, but I've just always been extremely uncomfortable with the thought of being quickly put to sleep. I don't like the thought of being rushed to do anything, especially while very nervous.

I'm also worried that I'll "fight" the calm feeling that the anesthesia will undoubtedly give me or that it won't be effective enough at calming me and keeping my blood pressure and pulse down and that the appointment will be a repeat of the first one I mentioned above.

Additionally, many people who have been put under twilight anesthesia mention a feeling of time passing very quickly or being awake but not being able to remember what happened afterwards, which kind of freaks me out, because I've never heard anything else described that way.

I first discovered the cavity in my tooth on June 28th, and the longer I've had to wait for it to be removed the more it has exacerbated my OCD and anxiety. So I was just wondering if anyone who has had twilight anesthesia could tell me about their experiences


Dec 4, 2017
Re: Getting tooth removed Oct. 26 w/twilight sedation; looking for encouragement

I also have anxiety and I’ve had twilight sedation many times. Honestly, it’s the best thing for my anxiety. The worst part for me is the rubber band on my arm because I am super squeamish about blood and anything related. I have them give me laughing gas first so I’m calm for the needle. I have also tried fighting the sedation but I always fall asleep. When I wake up I’m drowsy and calm. Some things I’ve been sedated for I didn’t have to be, but it’s better for me and the doctor to be knocked out. Ask any questions, I’m happy to answer them. I’ve had it done about 10 times now.


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Oct 28, 2018
Re: Getting tooth removed Oct. 26 w/twilight sedation; looking for encouragement

I was physically abused during a procedure a skid and no one gets dental fear like me
Currently have been in 4 years and am going to go soon and little needs a couple cavities filled and I need to find the courage for that too
BUT I know you already did this but all I can say is my wisdom teeth were with IV sedation and I would never fear the dentist again if every appointment was done that way
I felt no pain, I woke thinking we were mid procedure and it was literally not one bad memory
I now need To save money to do this for any work I need done after not going for a few years but anyone lucky enough to have twilight sleep is blessed
It truly makes the dentist doable and without fear or pain