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Getting used to "flipper"



I was just wondering, on average, how long does it take to get used to a flipper? How long before I can talk normally and eat without gagging? Having all that "bulk" along the roof of my mouth feels really strange and uncomfortable...feels as if there's not enough room for my tongue. But I'm supposed to wear this thing 24 hours a day to aid in healing the extraction sites and to help "open up" my bite. Ugh, I'm just dreading going to work and having to talk and eat in front of people! Any suggestions?

As a funny aside, my dentist said the other day a patient told her that wearing a flipper is like wearing an uncomfortable bra that you just can't wait to get home to take off! :p I agree!


Mike posted some really good advice on this a few weeks back: https://www.dentalfearcentral.org/forum/threads/getting-used-to-dentures.113/

Keep working on it and don't let it beat you, I'm not familiar with the sensation of wearing a bra, comfortable or otherwise, but you could liken it to contact lenses, at first you think you'll never manage them and then suddenly it's like you've nothing in your eye at all...
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If your new flipper "gags" you, it might be a bit too long in the back of the roof of your mouth. Perhaps if your Doc adjusts a little off the back it may just be a little more comfortable.

To help you learn to speak with your new flipper, here's what I suggest to my patients....
"Go to a quite room, grab a book, and read OUT LOUD so you can hear the sounds. Speak slowly and pronounce all of the letters."
If you will try that, after a short time you'll re-train your tongue to accept all that new "stuff" you now have in your mouth.

Be patient, like Gordon says, you'll get over this hump.



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Oct 30, 2006
Don't have advise other than it WILL get better! I agree with the bra thing though....first thing when I get home, off go my shoes and out comes the flipper! Unfortunately one winter I was home for lunch and with the flipper out. I had it in my hand and was walking back to my car and managed to slip and fall! Yep!! Broke the flipper right in half! Good news is....Fixodent works wonders and I've been living with half a flipper for over a year now!
I'm in the process of a bridge at this time....more trauma though.
Had a tooth extracted a week ago and still numb in part of my lip and the tooth by the extracted one has a swollen gum. Anyone with info on something like this?

Even funnier....my biggest paranoia of going to the dentist is being numb!!! Now here I am still numb a week later :scared: