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Getting used to new flexible partial denture!



Junior member
Jan 15, 2024
Kent, UK
Hi everyone,

Massive dental phobic here. I snooped on the forums quietly a lot last year after having to have a tooth out (old root canal, tooth broke). The whole thing was very traumatic but I got through!

I couldn’t afford an implant and didn’t fancy the procedure anyway so have gone with a flexi denture which is tiny but looks great. However, when my dentist was adjusting it to fit, he scratched my gum, the process of then putting the denture in and taking it out again over the top of that scratch has caused sores which are quite painful. I’ve rested it a few days and slowly starting to put it back in for short periods. But, my question is, what is it supposed to feel like? It’s tight and sore, I don’t know how much of it is due to the sores on my gum and how much is just normal getting used to a denture! I also can’t put my teeth together properly on one side, I know my bite is off anyway but, again, don’t know if it is normal. It’s a relief to take it out but I am trying hard to persevere!

Any advice from anyone else with a single flexible denture would be appreciated ☺️
Have you got an appointment with the dentist to get it adjusted? If not, make one, sounds like the bite needs adjusting.

See if you can get hold of some Difflam mouth rinse from the chemist, that'll help the sore areas a lot. Take the denture out before you use it!

Another thing that may help is to warm up the denture before inserting it, they work best at body temp, so if it's been sitting in some cold water it'll not be as soft as it should be. Immerse in some warm water for a few minutes before putting it in.
@Gordon thanks so much for your reply. I’ve told the dentist it hurts and he offered to see me but I wanted to persevere for a few more days just to see how I went. It still really hurts and I can’t really wear it for long, when I take it out there is a dent in my gum! So think I need to go back. Thanks for the advice with the Difflam, will try and pick some up today.
Dentures almost invariably need some adjustment after fitting. There are so many tiny inaccuracies involved in making them and everyone's soft tissues change subtly during the day, so it makes sense.