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Glasgow - John Duffy



Nov 26, 2008
I desperately need a patient dentist in Scotland, I am based close to Aberdeen but will travel....last year I made a major start on my phobia due to masses of abscesses I kept getting , one that swelled up below my jaw and was really quite dangerous I'm told..I had a lot of my back teeth either side removed and was left with just the from 6 and lower 9 . The dentist where I did live p in Shetland saved the front ones by giving them root canal treatment ect..but here a year on an those teeth have began to crack and fracture, I am guessing because I use them for chewing which I'm not meant to but have to. I so desperatly want a smile to be proud of. Please can someone recommend someone who would do this. Money is on a budget, I am only able to work part time as I have a disabled daughter..but I would be happy to save?

Thank you in advance xx


Junior member
Jan 11, 2012
Aberdeenshire Scotland
Re: In Scotland can travel!

Hi Libs,

I have found a brilliant dentist in Glasgow.

I was a major dental phobic, to the point where the pain i was suffering was better than going to a dentist. finally it got to much and I went in search of a dentist in Aberdeenshire spent 3 years looking only to be told "no were not taking on nhs patients" So not being able to afford private it was back to suffering.

A friend of mine told me about his dentist who runs a private practice but as it turned out they have an nhs side as well thankfully they were and still are taking on patients.

They have been exceptional - John Duffy my dentist has been the most patient guy on the planet and the staff are second to none. They have in short been brilliant. I have had 5 extractions, 2 root canal with a few more fillings and crowns plus a plate to go.

I travel down from aberdeenshire to get the treatment - I have no problem with that at all. would I change to a dentist nearer me? Not a chance in hell I have found my dentist and I am sticking with him.


[ADMIN NOTE: John Duffy can now be found at Southside Dental Practice: https://nhsglasgowdentist.com/about/ ]
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