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Jan 1, 2005
Clive Schmulian

Clyde Dental Centre Glasgow City
260 St Vincent Street
G2 5RL

Clyde Dental Centre Clydebank
42 - 44 Kilbowie Road
Clydebank, Glasgow G81 1TH
Phone: 0141 585 2700

"Clive... has turned out to be great - very patient, understanding and willing to take as much time as needed to help you with your treatment... I have built up a great trust in him, as he has done a superb job in all he has done to my mouth... He has totally changed my view of the whole dental world... He also gives totally pain free injections (you are not even aware of the needle being inserted into your gums). Something which I really didn't think was possible."

Clive also offers nitrous oxide and IV sedation for those who want it (and apparently, is very good at it, or so I've been told). Clive also does dental implants. Stuart, who also works there, is another really nice guy, from what I've heard!

Clive has been recommended repeatedly :thumbsup:.

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