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Going back after the pandemic



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May 19, 2017
Hi all, I would appreciate some advice and help. I've attached my xrays from 3 years ago to create context for how much work I've had done over the years. I'm 52 years old and have clearly spent a lot of time in the chair.

I had to actually make an appointment last week as my #31 crown fell off. i was terrified to in after 3 years. I used the pandemic, admittedly, as an excuse. Anyways, she wasn't able to just recement it as she said it was 'wobbly'. She drilled a little bit (and I know the difference). No pain, just my heart beating through my chest as she drilled. I just kept thinking about what else she sees. I grew up with 3 - 5 amalgams almost every time i went to the dentist and then they would have to be replaced and then they started coming between my teeth, vs. just the occlusal.

I do think that my previous dentist was a little crown pushy. In retrospect I wish I would have gotten a second opinion before I did shen the last dentist wanted to crown #5.

I know they are going to ask me next week when I have to get it seated to make an appointment for an exam and maybe a cleaning. i'm so scared and ashamed to go back and hear I need more work.

Any thoughts?


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What do you want to know? Bit confused (common state of affairs for me these days!).
@lacie001 I can't give you any advice sorry but I wish you luck and hope it all goes okay