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Going to loose my teeth


So upset

Junior member
Jul 5, 2018
I am so upset. This is all I can think about and it’s ruining my life. I have had so many dental procedures done and my teeth are a mess. I am missing my 2 front teeth and have had a 6 tooth front bridge for about 15 years. I have actually had 2 so far
my second bridge was falling apart and needed to find a iv sedation dentist to get a new one. I have so much anxiety that I can’t do dental work without being sedated I was hopping he could just take off my exsisting bridge and make me a new one. Not the case. He has put me out twice. Once for 3 hours and once for 6 hours. He has done some reroot canals and pulled some teeth. I have another temporary bridge on right now that is broken and I can hardly eat. He said he wants to pull the remaining 6 teeth I have on top and do implants which includes bone grafting and a sinus lift. He doesn’t thing a new bridge will last long if he can even do it. He said he has very little to work with under the bridge. I don’t want dentures and I can’t even wear one temporarily because I have a bad gag reflex. What would I even do if he pulled All my teeth? Is there a temp they put on that doesn’t go on your palette. I would like to do the bridge and do implants little by little. Is that possible ? I think my dentist is getting upset with. E because I keep bothering him with questions. I am sick of being put to sleep and can’t do it awake. I am scared to death to get all. Y teethpulledandget a sinus lift. I am hoping I can do the bridge and it will by me time for new easier things will become available. The cost of all the work so far with the bride is 44,000 which I have taken a loan out for. Implants would be double that. I am so scared of all the procedures. Please help.
I don’t have any advice or suggestions, but I am glad you are sharing this, getting it out.

This is a LOT to go through,, I'm sure it seems overwhelming and I would probably freeze at this point and not know what to do... ugh.. wow.. you are amazing by just going to the dentist and thinking about it and moving forward and writing this is a great step like dg6300 said getting it out.. and you will find alot of support here.. Have you been going to this dentist long? do you trust him/her? and are they sensitive to your anxieties?

Certainly you are carrying a heavy burden, let's try to unload some of it piece by piece:
About the temporary solution: The temporary solution is an essential part of the treatment plan. If you choose to have implants, the temporary solution can be a "Flipper" which is a minimal removable solution (hardly touches the palate), which does not allow you to eat with it but certainly to smile and talk.
When it comes to implants, working slowly and step by step is advisable.

If a bridge is indeed the treatment plan, I would consider making the bridge using a CEREC technology, because the the impression is digital (scanning your mouth) and very comfortable to patients with a gagging reflex and you can get the bridge the same day. It is worth inquiring.