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Going to the dentist caused more problems



Junior member
Feb 16, 2022
I hadn’t been to the dentist for 4 years prior to December when a filling had fallen out. I went and got it refilled from a new dentist as I’m in a different country. Fast forward from there, I’ve had bite issues, sprained canine, pain, etcetera all related to that one visit. Went to another dentist and got an exam and cleaning, was told I had 2 cavities that needed to be filled, easy peasy. However, since I got that filling fixed in December my right top side of my teeth has been bugging me ever since. It just changes everyday :( some days it’s just my canine, other days it’s between my premolars, but my molars are usually okay. My 2nd premolar (farthest back one) feels weird but only when I “push” it with my tongue and there’s no movement when I push it with my finger. In February it felt like there was “space” between my premolars and I couldn’t chew on that side… it felt like when you get a spacer or food between your teeth and there’s that pressure, that went away but it still feels weird. Dentist didn’t mention any issues with my premolar when I went to see her in January for an exam and my fillings in February. Sometimes when I’m flossing it feels like there’s extra space between the teeth some days, and some days it’s much tighter? It freaks me out.

It just feels like going to the dentist originally caused way more issues. I have never had any trouble with my teeth til December when I got that filling replaced. I have increased anxiety regarding my teeth, thinking they’re going to fall out. I eat early to brush my teeth ASAP so I can put my top retainer in to “keep” my teeth where they’re supposed to be and also so I can stop pushing my tongue on my premolars. Dentist says nothings wrong with X-rays or anything during the exam (beside the decay I had lol)

I hate this :(