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Going to the dentist in a few hours help!!



Sep 14, 2009
Hi, im having fillings done on my front teeth, the decay is at the back of them where the two teeth meet.

First of all im terrified of the injection, ive heard it hurts more than regular injections at the back of the mouth :(

Then theres the fact that my front teeth feel less stable and sturdy than ordinary teeth, so ive got a fear of the dentist's drill breaking my teeth! :redface:

Please help me overcome this anxiety!
I've heard you can ask for a numbing gel for the injection, so ASK, or you might not get it!
Hope you have a nice dentist you can express your fears too, who'll put your mind at rest.
Treat yourself to something nice once it's done!
Best of luck!
Hi superspoy I asked for numbing gell and got it.with my 2nd dentist. Nice to meet you,