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Gold crown too high



Dec 12, 2021
Croydon surrey
My gold crown was fitted last weds PM and was too high. I rang but they were closed. By Saturday I had pain in my tooth under my crown on my left side. This is a lone tooth as there are gaps next to it and the upper and lower teeth werent connecting. This tooth has a watch on it by a specialist. I was panicing and getting upset that something bad was happening to this tooth so in the end I rang their emergency line. The dentist said he felt the pain in the left was due to the jaw struggling because of the high crown. He offered to open up for me Sunday to take a look but I said it could wait until Monday. Today my dentist ground the high crown down. She said that it should take 24 hours for the teeth/ jaw to calm down and for the pain to subside.
I do hope this will be the case.