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Got an extraction exactly 5 days ago pain won’t go away



Junior member
Mar 5, 2024
Staten Island
I got 2 bottom right back teeth extracted 5 days ago and this pain in my ear is so painful nothing is helping and the office isn’t very helpful is this still supposed to be hurting fair to mention before extraction my jaw would not open more than 1 inch so they had to stretch it with the rubber thing and now all of a sudden I’m getting an earache I know it’s from my tooth because when I touch the area of extraction my ear has a sharp pain helppppp thanks
Sounds more like your TMJ is not happy due to all the trauma from the infection. The dentist really needs to take a look though just to rule everything else out. It's part of what you paid them for :)
Have a read at this and try some of the self help stuff in the meantime: