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Got hit in the front tooth, afraid of it dying or abscessing



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Aug 5, 2014
Hello everyone,
This is my first post, so I really hope I'm not violating any rules here (I've read the guidelines).

I got hit (not intentionally) with an elbow in my mouth yesterday and I bited my lower lip.
The lip bled and I've cleaned it with cold water immediately afterwards and with hydrogen peroxide today.
However, my tooth (the front left tooth, incisor?) hurt when I touched it (only when I touched it). Today the pain is much better (half of yesterdays). It doesn't hurt when I drink something cold (it's just like every other tooth/the same it was before). It isn't loose and it doesn't hurt unless I touch it. I've avoided biting into anything since it got hit and it isn't changing color.

I'm afraid that the nerve is maybe dying or that I'll need to get it pulled out. I've recently had my second front tooth (The one between the incisor and the canine) pulled out due to months of pain and a nasty battle with abcess. My town was flooded and I didn't have anywhere to sleep or anything to eat and nothing was open during that time (including dentist offices) and I had to leave my town temporarily without anything so the abcess got worse and I lost my tooth.

How do you know if the tooth took enough damage for it to start dying?
I guess I really should go and at least take an x-ray.

Anyways, thanks in advance for your help, I really hope I won't lose it.
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im afraid it really is to early to tell how the nerve will respond but the fact that the pain has diminished is a good sign.
It not being sensitive to cold but only when you press it is most likely an indication that the ligament is 'bruised' and if this settles you may well be ok.
It would be a good idea to get it xrayed to check for any breakages as a precaution
This morning I woke up with no pain at all, just a little discomfort when touching it. If it keeps progressing this way, I believe it should be like nothing happened at all by the weekend. But still, I agree with you that I should do the x-ray as a precaution. Wouldn't like for it to flame up a few months after out of the blue sky because I didn't get it checked.

Thank you for your reply. :)