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Got my diagnosis...



Junior member
Apr 22, 2017
Hi everyone.

A quick back story before I get into my post - I'm in my mid 30's and have had alot of work done over the years, multiple root canals, fillings, teeth pulled, endodontic work, I also recently discovered I have a root canal file stuck in a root of a tooth - you name it! I have been not so lucky to not only receive a pair of chompers full of problems, I also have over crowding 🥴

So today, I went to get a full check up done and a treatment plan with a dentist I've been seeing for a year and a half (he alone has done 3 root canals in this time).

Now, I got good news and bad news. The bad news is that I definitely need my left canine pulled (root canalled but broke above the gum line). Potentially also canine and first premolar on the right (not much left to work with on these, mainly filling and not much tooth structure - but need to finish root canals on these) my dentist is worried that once he opens my right canine and first premolar for root canal treatment that they will crumble and break. He says I need to be prepared if things go pear shaped to pull them out and get a partial denture or multiple partial dentures. If these two teeth survive the root canal process then they will be very fragile and one will 100% need a crown as a priority.

The other bad news is that my dentist has dashed my dreams of getting my teeth straightened. So basically it's my lateral incisors on the top that stick out at an angle and I've always hated them. The dentist said that because alot of my teeth are so compromised and weak from varying treatments, plus with the amount of missing teeth, that I probably won't be a candidate for braces (or even Invisalign) as some anchor teeth that an orthodontist would use are missing and some teeth are too weak (mainly filling material).

I am so bummed out. I thought as part of my journey to a healthy mouth that this would include braces of some sort. So I guess my question to anyone who has multiple teeth missing and has had loads of work done like myself, have you been successful in getting braces or Invisalign with missing teeth? I know it would be on a case by case 2 basis but just curious 😊 The teeth I have missing are -

Right Upper
1st Molar
2nd Molar
Potentially 1st premolar and canine

Left upper
Canine to be pulled
2nd Molar

Left lower
1st molar
2nd Premolar

Right lower
Potentially 2nd premolar

And if you've made it this far, thank you!


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
Aw I’m sorry to hear that your dentist crushed your dreams. I would first start by seeing an orthodontist for a consult. They have years of experience straightening teeth. They would be the ones to say it is or isn’t possible. If you get a few ortho consults, and they don’t think it’s a good idea, you can look into cosmetic dentistry. I am almost in my mid 30s and got my dental health in order (after nearly 17 years of avoidance) and have started my straight smile journey with Invisalign. I understand straight teeth being a dream and I encourage you to seek out a few opinions. Don’t give up on your dream! 😁