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Got my wisdom teeth out today!



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Mar 30, 2011
I actually didnt chicken out. I went in this morning for my teeth (Eastern Canada time).

The drugs they used are the BEST. This has basically cured my dental phobia lol

I went in and they hooked me up to an ECG machine, blood pressure cuff, put a tiny tube in my nose to measure carbon dioxide she said as well as an oxygen mask over top. They gave me a steriod they said may make something feel tingly, itchy and burning. Just so happened my butt and female parts were the victims. Then the Surgeon took some vitals. I suddenly started to feel weird in my throat and asked if he gave me the drugs and he said yes. I was like wow they are working like mad, he asked me something and I mumbled back and boom I was gone lol. Took them 20 minutes, but took an extra 10 to get me to wake. They went out and was like to my friend "She was worried the drugs wouldnt work, but now we cant get her to wake up LOL". So finally they put me in recovery and I was walking outside half hour later with a numb face etc.

When the drugs were working it felt weird but awesome. Kinda like I was sinking in a pool looking up. Saw some elves dancing in a blanket. I heard the dental drill going but dont remember much really. Apparently I said a few things to my friend such as "my butt itches (instert swear in stead off butt)", said I was..umm horny and a few other things I honestly do not recall saying. I did pass out when I came home, but she took care of that.

All in all it was a perfect experience, nothing scarey. Loved the drugs lol

ETA- I wonder why the Doc didnt tell me he was giving me the drugs? Maybe because he thought it would set off a panic attack
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