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Got the wizzies out - totally proud, but worried about numbness - help please!



Junior member
Jun 27, 2012
Got the wizzies out - totally proud, but worried about numbness - help please!

Hi everyone,
I stayed awake for my procedure (only decided to stay awake this morning when my boyfriend offered me cookies for breakfast, and you have to be fasting for 6 hours to be asleep). It was a lot less scary than I thought it would be. The anticipation is what got to me. I did long-acting novocain (with topical applied first) with laughing gas. It felt like someone had given me three glasses of wine with the laughing gas. I could feel the novocain going in, and that was the most painful part. They had to add an extra novocain shot for an impacted upper molar because I felt a little bit of sharpness (like getting poked, not like a cut, which is what it actually was), but otherwise I just felt some tugging (not even bad) and a little crunching sound (more like crinkling plastic or something, not like I was expecting). The teeth popped out easy peasy, even the impacted one. They cleaned them off for me and I took them home in a baggy. I fully intend to mail them to my mother. I haven't swelled up at all, and the OS pretty much promised me I wouldn't. I guess because they were easy coming out, and because my auto-immune reactions tend to be minimal in general (no poison ivy or the like, no swelling when I broke my arm).

My OS told me (using year-old x-rays) that I was at very low risk for bottom numbness because of where the roots and the nerve were (he said the roots wouldn't grow more, the teeth were nearly-fully erupted).

It's been about 8 hours and I'm still having numbness. I'm paranoid. My tongue is back to almost-normal, with only the very tip being slightly off-feeling. I'm hoping my taste buds are ok, but I haven't been hungry to test it yet. My front bottom teeth feel numb, my bottom lip feels numb the whole way across and the same with my chin. I can feel some tingling, and I can feel it very slightly when I touch a foreign object to my lip and chin, with varying degrees. But shouldn't the novocain have worn off by now? Is it possible my tooth roots grew into the nerve even though they were about fully grown in when I had the x-ray done the previous year? If there's nerve damage shouldn't just one side be effected?

Thank you! Good luck to anyone getting theirs out - I promise what you imagine is worse than what's actually going to happen =)
Re: Got the wizzies out - totally proud, but worried about numbness - help please!

Hi 1iora, well done :cheer::cheer::cheer:and thanks for the report which I'm sure will help others here who are waiting to have wizzies removed!

8 hours doesn't seem out of the ordinary for the numbing not to have worn off completely after wizzie removal (from what others have said here). It may just take a bit longer to wear off if a larger amount or a stronger anaesthetic was used.

I'm not sure what the cut-off point is at which you should get concerned, so do call your OS to find out when s/he expects it to have worn off completely. Sometimes, a steroid injection (which needs to be done within 72 hours to be effective) may be used if there is concern about parasthesia. But chances are that you will be fine later today seeing what your OS said :). Let us know what happens!
Re: Got the wizzies out - totally proud, but worried about numbness - help please!

Thank you! I'm an overworrier. The numbness is gone!

New question:

I feel like when I'm swallowing (I'm having to do so a lot with saliva or maybe just nervousness) I'm loosing up one of the bottom wisdom teeth. There are stitches in the bottom ones, but it feels kind of jiggly/sucky on that one spot when I swallow. Can you feel it before you're getting a loose clot?

I'm not in pain anymore (yay!) but I took another dose of vicodin in the hopes that it'll help me sleep/relax. I keep waking up every half hour or so. I'll call the Dr. about the feeling in the morning to see what he says, but I want to know what you all think.

Also I guess I should add that the tooth was fully erupted but had a bit of gum coming up the back edge.