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Grappenhall Dental Practice (Warrington)



Junior member
Mar 3, 2015
Thought I'd share my own dentist Grappenhall Dental Practice
I see Andrew Booth and he, and the dental nurse there, is absolutely lovely. They're both very gentle with me and he does his best to keep me comfortable (as many of us know the racing heart that comes with panic can pump anaesthetic out faster than they can pump it in!) and during my extraction when I was utterly terrified the nurse was always reassuring me. The reception staff are generally really lovely as well.

Additional bonuses are that despite being private they offer really good prices (I think I'm charged less than £35 for white fillings) and they've also been wonderful with my grandad. He doesn't suffer dental phobia, but he is very old now and he has had dementia for a while (well before he lost his last couple of teeth a year or so back) and on warfarin. They've always been exceedingly gentle with him and very caring, I can't remember which dentist exactly but I thought it would be a second point on how good they are.