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Great! I need more teeth out and more fillings. When will this end?!



Aug 6, 2016
Hey all,

Some of you may remember me a few months back. I left 2 rotting teeth in my mouth for over 2 years, and another 2 were going the same way. All 4 removed in May, and 4 fillings done.

I went for a checkup recently at my local dentist. My work was done at a different place. Anyway the dentist lady wasn't very nice. She said "You really need to start keeping your teeth in good shape otherwise you'll lose them".

I almost jumped out of the chair and walked out. How dare she! I brush twice a day. I don't eat many foods that contain sugar. Yet my teeth are just rotting away. She also said "be careful about the tooth at the front that will break away soon as you have a receding gum line on that tooth". Little did she know I've had this tooth for 12 years, it's always been that way. I explained this to her and her response was "Oh".

Anyway, now my bottom 2 wisdoms need to come out. I am getting pain when cold air, or cold things, touch the tooth. Yay me. I also need a few fillings. I'll be getting those done next week hopefully. I'm not bothered about the procedure, it's just horrible that I'm losing more teeth.

On my last appointment I had a pop at the female dentist. She tried to belittle me for poor dental hygiene. I said to her:

I'm in my early 30's. The NHS in the UK doesn't support cosmetic dentistry for adults. Only children. I will have you know that I had braces to sort my teeth out, but I was kicked off the week I turned 16 because I was late for an appointment that wasn't my fault. My teeth have been crooked and awkward all these years because of a failure in the system. I waited 3 years to get braces and when I finally got them they made any old excuse to boot me off. So don't you dare tell me about my teeth. My teeth are the sole reason for my depression and anxiety. They are the reason I don't smile in photos. I am scared to meet people because I have crooked teeth and remain in the house where possible. You don't know how difficult it is eating, or how difficult it is brushing so please don't lecture me.

And that was that. I told the receptionist to never book me in with that dentist ever again and I made a formal complaint.

I've had enough now. At this rate I'll have no teeth by the time I'm 40. I'm confused as to why they didn't remove the other 2 wisdoms at the same time anyway.

Ps. On my last appointment I asked the dentist to use the non novacaine injection as I have PACs/PVCs (harmless, but annoying, arrhythmia brought on by adrenaline). The procedure went well. I had no anxiety, and no annoying PACs/PVCs while in the chair. The numbness wore off very quickly afterwards which is perfect. But, these teeth were uppers. The 2 that I'll have taken are lowers, and the fillings are lowers too.

Can non novacaine injections be used for lowers? I read something about they need to use a "block" or something. No idea. I'd much rather have the non novacaine though.
She sounds like a dentist I would not want to see and seems quite rude with what she said. I hate going to the dentist even though I do go every three months. It seems like seeing another dentist is a good idea
I am in the states and have a similar problems with the epinephrine that is found in typical numbing agents used by dentist. (My issues are related to neurally mediated syncope)

That is a long story, but once we figured all that out, I stopped using any agents for dental work that included epinephrine. That dental work has included root canals, fillings, and extractions on both upper and lower teeth.

For me that approach has worked fine.

I will add that my dentist said, because epi is a vascular constrictor the numbing agent stays in place longer, without the epi it may lose effectiveness before the dentist is finished, so you may have to get another shot(s) during longer procedures.

Maybe one of the dentist on the site can chime in on this.

Of all the things I fear at the dentist, this is no longer one of them!