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Growing pain, but NOT tooth pain?



Feb 1, 2020
norwich, norfolk, uk
Hi. Now I have a new dentist who absolutely terrifies me, I would rather find out what this may be before I have to go and see her! What this is, is a pain in the jaw/bones? above my top front teeth. When I touch that area, the pain increases slightly. What I think you call the right, upper, lateral incisor? This tooth had a root canal done on it many years ago and would probably have a toothache in it, if that was still possible. There is a similar pain on the other side too, though not as intense and I just wondered if you could tell me what this may be please?

Why she bothers me so much, is that she will not let me visit her, without making me gag at least once and usually many more times. She even makes me gag while taking x-rays and she's the only dentist who's ever done that. The last time I was there, a nurse sent me back into the surgery room for something and when I went in, both the dentist and another nurse were laughing their heads off. When they noticed me, they both went very red and looked like a pair of guilty schoolgirls. As I had only walked out a minute or two earlier, I know they could only have been laughing about me!

As I am so bothered by this, I may have to try and find a dentist who will at least sedate me, before attempting any treatment, though that will probably cost me quite a bit!
It seems you have lost confidence in your dentist and her team. Would you be able to go and find a new dentist that would be better for your needs?

When I go to the dentist I also gag, in my case always did, but my dentist’s staff as always been very supportive to help me ge through it. The issue might not be the gagging, it’s also that they have a positive attitude trying to help you and not being negative.
What Geos says makes sense. It's hard to say what's causing the pain without at least seeing you, sorry.
Sorry for the late reply. My internet has been down for days and has now been fixed by an engineer.
That pain is still there, but has diminished quite a bit, but thank you both for your help. I now have another pain, but in the gum/jaw above another old root-canalled molar! I'm not getting off this one so easily I don't think. But will have to wait now, to hopefully be seen on Monday. I still haven't been able to find a sedating dentist, so will have to 'bite the bullet' and see the old one. Sorry for the awful pun!