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Gum abcess



Junior member
May 19, 2006
I've just seen a new partner at the practice I reluctantly attend as i have lots of gum abcess due to gum disease. The new chap is concerned of the lack of previous treatment & has told me that its so bad he can see on old xrays how I am slowly loosing bone and teeth are loose and has given me a plan of action that will involve extractions and lots of root planning! I've been in tears and in dread ever since but have so much trouble eating feel I must get a grip..ANYWAY...one lot of root planing has caused yet another abcess...I usually get one at least every two months in various places. Dentist feels that as I have had so many antibitocs of late to just rinse with salt water. Im due to go back in 4 weeks. The abcess has been there now for just over a week, its not tight and is seeping out during the night but not gone. I don't want to ring the surgery to check if I shoud be concerned in case he asks me to go in as i have no-one about to go with me this week.......so should i worry or just keep on with the salt water? Its not really big but I am just concerned as one hears tales of abcesses going to the brain! help??
If the abscess is draining out then it's OK, don't worry about brain abscesses.