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gum abcess



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Jan 16, 2013
Hi i am now in the 10 day of what i thought was 1 of my usual gum abcesses that iv been getting but they always went and stopped hurting after 3/4 days but this time its not going away.i now i should go to dentist but from a lot of previous treatment i have now got anxiety about needles and drills in my mouth and at least 10 times before in different places on gum iv had abcess its gone without seeing dentist.the pain stops when im eating but comes back in minutes after stopping i am using salt water regulary paracetmol an ibuprofen and for the last 8 weeks iv been using doxycycline for my spots.i had this can help for gum abcesses? Has anyone had one for this long i also felt ill at the start of it for about 3 days then i felt better up untill today im on other medication for anxiety/depression and am able to sleep has anyone got any advice please
Do you have a regular dentist? I only ask because there is no need at this point to be scared of needles and whatnot bc dentists will not even touch a tooth that still has an active infection (unless in extreme cases). They will more than likely give you an antibiotic that will reduce it. I ask if you have a reg dentist bc sometimes if they know your history, they will just call you in a script for it without you having to come in.

No iv not got a dentist last time i went was about 4 years ago i was refered to the hospital to have the remaining 8 top teeth removed and was given false top set i now need remaining bottom teeth out but i dont often use my false teeth but im having constant trouble with bottom teeth but the abcesses r getting worse lasting longer and more painfull im going to ring nhs direct tomoz to go to there emergency dentist i supried how long and bad this one is because iv been taking doxycycline for the last 8 weeks in the last 2 days iv taken 100mg in morning and at night and used salt water but pain is in my lower jaw now but stops wen im eating/chewing.
You should definitely get an appointment to see a dentist. Any dentist should be able to fit you in on the same day, as you are in pain - even if you are not registered.

As shelzmike said they will prescribe you an antibiotic. I know you say you are on one already for a different reason but this one will be one more regularly used for dental infections/abscesses such as metronidazole, amoxicillin etc.

I've had masses of dental infections/abscesses - I know how awful they can be, you have my sympathies.

The emergency dentist won't do any treatment if you are in a lot of pain, so I really don't think you need to fear anything. :)

Good luck - don't forget to post to let us know how you get on.

Sorry to hear about your pain..Nothing worse than tooth/mouth pain..Maybe your body has become"immune" to the effects of doxycycline? Maybe you need a different one? Also medical doctors can prescribe antibiotics also. My husband went to the emergency room several times on weekends with severe tooth pain and the docs prescribed antibiotics and pain meds...Hope you find relief of your pain..
Doxycycline can be used for periodontal disease so it should have some effect, however there are some times when lawrge abscesses just will not go away with antibiotics without being drained. Much of the abscess is white blood cells and pus, etc that is not readily absorbed by the mouth. A dental visit is definitely in order.
Hi thank u for support/advice i havnt been dentist the swelling has almost gone pain is now coming for 2-5 mins every hour i no its going to come back! Im going to get a referal back to hospital to have all remaining bottim teeth out.i had all my top teeth put 3 years ago and never had any more problems but i rarely use the dentures so i hope to get something that fits better.

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