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gum abscess or mouth ulcer? how do I tell the difference?



Junior member
Mar 26, 2011
I noticed a whitehead (tiny) sore by my back molar (root canalled/with crown afew years ago), it only is sore when i touch it so don't think it's an abscess? I'm using salt rinses and manuka honey to help clear it up. Is this something i should worry about or get checked out? I'd rather not go to the dentist now due to covid fear so hope it's something i can treat myself. I can eat on that side and no pain, i've been eating more sugary foods due to stress so is this what may have caused it? Thanks.

An ulcer is mostly temporary and should go away within two weeks. An abscess should remain (may increase or decrease over time).
okay, thanks. it is going away so am hopeful it won't be an issue. What should i use to clean my gums to prevent an infection?
Nothing. You can rinse round with salt water if you really want to do something but it won't make much difference :)