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Gum abscess



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Feb 5, 2022
South Carolina
I have, what I believe to be, an abscessed tooth. It was somewhat painful at one time before a small portion broke off. The gum near the tooth is swollen and feels like there is pressure but it is not painful. In the last day or so, I have noticed a small bump that drain a bit of fluid that appears to be pus. It is also not painful. I have a dentist that I can call on Monday. I will ask to have the tooth extracted as I cannot afford another root canal (just had one in September on a different tooth). My question involves the danger of waiting for the extraction. If the dentist is willing to prescribe an antibiotic, would it a reasonably safe thing to plan to have the tooth pulled the first week in March? I would like to try and save a bit more money this month before paying so much out of pocket again. I’m not experiencing any pain, no fever, facial swelling, etc. Thanks for any advice.

Edit to add: Also, I’m really anxious about dental procedures and health in general. My mother passed away after sepsis from a hiatal hernia, so reading about sepsis in conjunction with dental abscesses terrifies me. Of course, not being able to pay my bills is also not a comforting thought. I also have chronic kidney disease and my state is overrun with COVID right now, so I’m trying to avoid in person visits until that subsides, but I don’t want to put myself at unnecessary risk.
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There is no danger in waiting, the infection (from the tooth) sounds like it is draining out through the gum. Which is fine.
Dental infections do NOT lead to blood sepsis and so on, at least not in first world countries.

You don't really need an antibiotic either under the circumstances you describe.
@Gordon Thank you so much. The swelling has gone down dramatically (I’m guessing because of the draining) so I will wait until next month for now. I’m assuming I would start seeing facial swelling if the abscess becoming a more pressing concern?
You might get facial swelling but more likely you'd get a lot of pain first if the abscess stopped draining.