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Gum and Tooth pain comes and goes



Junior member
Jun 20, 2010

A few days ago, I started having tooth pain and sore gums at the back of my mouth. The area affected was centered around 2 teeth and the surrounding gums. The pain seemed to fluctuate and only arose when aggravated. Sometime when eating, the tooth pain was uncomfortable. Other times the tooth pain was hardly there. The gums were also sore to touch, as if they were inflamed.

However, after about 72 hours, the pain is starting to subside. Biting on my teeth no longer causes any pain and my gums feel like they are 'healing'. They were very sore yesterday, but now there is little pain there.

My question is, does anyone know what the problem is? Should I see my dentist or is this something unrelated to a dental problem.

Thanks for any advice on this matter.

This happened to me for several months - I kept ignoring it because it would always subside and only seemed a real problem when eating certain foods. When I finally saw a dentist it turned out that the tooth was really badly decayed and has been causing me lots of trouble ever since. I'm quite annoyed with myself because had I had it checked out when it first started playing up I expect I wouldn't have had quite so much hassle with it. So, don't ignore it!