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Gum behind Wisdom tooth tender, but not swollen, should I be worried?



Jan 7, 2012
4 days ago I was chowing down on cheese doodles and I think I either scratched, or bit down on the gum behind my wisdom teeth (I currently have all 4 teeth). When I woke up the next day my gums both top and bottom back there were pretty sore. I went about my day as normal, that night when I was flossing before bed I dug in a little deep with the floss under that bottom tooth to make sure there was no snacks stuck in that snug space. I felt a pinch of pain and I spit out some blood.

Since then I've been doing salt water swishes about 4 times a day, keeping it clean. The pain is pretty much non existent until I floss and swish, I do have a habit of over cleaning an area once I'm concerned with it, so this could be the issue.

I feel it mostly when I first wake up, my gum feels just slightly irritated, but it doesn't feel swollen, doesn't look swollen, and it hasn't bled at all other than that one time. Through out the day I pretty much forget about it. However, now the lymph node in my neck has just a slight sensation, like it's about ready to be activated. It doesn't feel physically swollen, but there is a slight warm pressure sensation.

I'm just curious on how this sounds to those more experienced than me. I had zero symptoms before the snack/morning after. Do you think this is a case where I should relax with it and keep gently doing the salt swishes? Or is the fact that the lymph node may be activating be cause for concern? Or maybe I caused the lymph node to feel this way by picking at the gum issue?

Thank you so much for your time.

Edit: I just wanted to add that any actual pain or tenderness has not gotten worse, although a little tenderness is present - I feel like it's gotten better since that first morning, I suppose my main issue is that the lymph node is scaring me into thinking something bad is brewing. And the way my mind works with this stuff is that I get obsessive with the issue and all I can think about is the next time I will floss and salt swish.
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The piece of cheese irritates the gums (mechanically) simply by being there, and since you manage to clean well the gums, the situation does not really flare up.
The best solution would be letting a dentist/oral-hygienist to get that cheese out.