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gum bleeding when doing dental crown



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Jan 14, 2016
I got through the replacement crown- took way too long and it was awkward at times but i sucked it up as it needed doing, soo proud of myself. I had some gum bleeding so they had to stop that before they could finish it (nothing is going right this year!) and was wondering if this could be due to having the crown put on 5 years ago? i brush and floss well, get cleanings but i am almost 53 years old so my gums are not young! rest of my gums are good, even the other crown i have the gum is good (or at least they haven't told me but will ask next week). My dentist said to do salt rinses, it was just sore yesterday but can't feel it at all today but will continue with the salt water. I am getting the new crown next Thurs. so hope its' healed, they didn't say anything if it wasn't healed, i wouldn't be able to get the permanent one, i want this over and done with so hope they can. What else can i do to stop gum disease in this space? I am on disability so can't afford more cost to see a specialist but she did say about more cleanings- i only get two a year covered. My mom has bad gum disease and she goes 3 times a year for special cleanings, i hope i don't need those yet as i can't afford the extra that will cost, but at least it's only one tooth. Would a special toothpaste help like Perioguard? It's more expensive but if i use it only in the back area, i can make it last longer and it's still cheaper than special cleanings? I will ask my dentist but wanted to know before next Thurs., i just wanted to get out of there yesterday as i was tired, had a headache and my gum was very sore.
The gum bleeding could be due to plaque build up round the old crown, not necessarily anything wrong with your brushing/flossing. Could even be down to the dentist traumatising the gum a bit during the crown preparation. It's easy to do and not negligent at all.

Would a special toothpaste help like Perioguard?
No, save your money.
thanks, she did poke at my gum a lot with her tools, even with freezing i could feel it so will tell her and maybe she will be easier on the next person as she hasn't been a dentist for that many years so maybe just learning, lol. Should i have been able to feel the picks she was using? she gave me a shot on each side of the tooth but i didn't feel that numb. I did have my teeth cleaned a month ago but will clean better around that tooth once i get the new crown and it's settled.