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Gum boil near implant. What should it feel like when it’s healing. I’m stressed out that something is wrong . I’ve had so many bad dental experiences



Junior member
Apr 24, 2024
on mar 29, I went to dentist to check out a puffy spot at the gum near my implant. He checked , just told me to watch it. A week later , it was super puffy so I just started taking antibiotics til I could see dentists dentist took X-rays and cleaned the crown of my implant of some excess cement . It popped on its own. The following week , he said we should wait another week to make sure it is healing and that he got rid of what was irritating my gum. I’ve been stressed out because dental appointments give me panic attacks. I am wondering what that area should feel like when it’s healing. When I press on it to see if it’s healing , it feels uncomfy and hurts . Then it swells up because I irritated it. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be experiencing if it is healing or if it is still infected and something is wrong. Nothing in X-ray seemed to be wrong with the implant.
Also, I got the implant in October and the crown in the middle of February. What is the gum area near implant supposed to feel like . As when ever I have pressed on that area in the past, it feels pressure and is uncomfy. I just decided not to panic about it. Maybe it is healing. Then a month and a half later after crown was placed, this gum boil bump thing appeared. Sorry, I’m just having a tough time. A dentist freaked me out with a bad incorrect bp reading and since then, I panic before going into dentist and dental issues have been occurring and then I had tMJ …. It’s been a crazy journey. I’m always afraid dentists won’t help me because of my anxiety . Thanks for reading
Sorry for being dense what is it that you want to know?
@Gordon hi there, thanks for reading this. I guess I’d like to know what a gum boil area is supposed to look like when it’s healing. How long does it take to heal? Could I have irritated it from pressing ? Or is it just still infected from some other place. How long does it take? Should it feel tender when I press on it ? Should it feel weird and kind of hurt ? It is at my dental implant with crown area. I’m really worried about if it’s going to be an implant failure, or some more dental problems and I’m trying to mentally prepare myself . Dentist had taken x rays and couldn’t find anything .
How long does it take to heal?
Assuming the original irritant was removed, a few days to a week.

Could I have irritated it from pressing ?

Or is it just still infected from some other place.
Doesn't sound likely.

Should it feel tender when I press on it ? Should it feel weird and kind of hurt ?
No it shouldn't. I'd go back to your dentist for a further check. There may still be some cement in there.
@Gordon … thank you for replying. It still hurts a bit and when I press on the gum of the implant area as well as the gum boil area, it still feels pressure and not normal. It has started to get puffy again. My appointment isn’t until May 1.. I tried getting a sooner appointment . I’m really afraid I’ll have to see a periodontist which would mean someone new. I don’t know how to explain to another dentist why I get panic attacks and have a crazy bp reading.. from past experiences, recently in 2022, a dentist refused to work with me because she said I might be having a heart attack. They did my bp reading incorrectly because I did my readings for five weeks and was normal but since then, I have panic attacks with health providers always in the beginning or leading up to appointment because I’m scared they won’t help me. I was asking someone questions on here because I guess I really was hoping that it was healing …. I’m moving and leaving the country so I have a lot on my plate … and now it might be delayed because of this implant issue. The implant is still not loose. My neighboring teeth feel fine. It’s just that spot on implant . Could it be like the way the implant is placed ? It’s now just a few days away from being a month I’ve had this issue. Antibiotics didn’t seem to help anything. I don’t know what I should do to prepare myself for new person checking my mouth or how will I be able to get an appointment with a compassionate and understanding periodontist like my dentist . And I definitely don’t want to go back to the original dentist …. Thanks for writing back. It means a lot .
May 1st isn't that far away, it'll be fine till then. I'm not sure a periodontist is required at this stage, I'd wait till your dentist has another look.