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Re: Oh No Here We Go Again!!!!!

I guess those news reports that the strains of flu going around this year are super strains is right, because I'm convinced Jools that you gave me the flu over this message board :)

I hope you're feeling better.
My brain feels like its threatening to escape from my skull, so I'm off to view some more horrible daytime trash.

Does your teething gel actually work?
I've found that the stuff I bought doesn't but I found this lovely severe forumula and I love to make my entire mouth go numb even when I'm not having pain :)

I guess I'm weird :)
Take care!!!
Oh my god My front left tooth just fell out also, and the one beside it is now very loose. I think it will fall out beforw monday. What cana dentist do for it, that will not cost me out the @$$. I am so scared and just don't know what to do. HELP!!!!

I am new to all this and desperately seeking help!!! I will be 25 this year and i can say that i have never ever been to the dentist!! My parents didnt make such a big deal of going to see the dentist, brushing teeth and general oral hygiene so as you can imagine, i have developed a major phobia of dentists. Not only that but 9 of my teeth have completely rotted down to the gum and my top front teeth are crooked. I have always been ashamed to open my mouth, smile, talk....anything that involves people seeing my teeth! About 5 years ago i got a lip piercing which i later regretted as it pushed my gum down on the bottom and made it really sore. When i took the piercing out, the gum just got worse and worse and now my 2 bottom teeth are really wobbly!!! I am totally freaked out! The whole rotting of the teeth thing i am totally used to as i have grown up with it and the horrific pain that comes with it! But i have recently had a baby boy and really dont want him to see me like this and pass down bad habbits....i know now there is something i really must do before i lose my front teeth!
I know i must make a visit to the dentist but as i have never been to one in my life i have no idea how to go about it and i have such a massive fear hense why i have been dealing with this problem so long!

If anyone could help me that would be much appreciated!

Hi. My front tooth is wobbly too. Im so worried it my fall out someday. I did go to a nice dentist who said i have gum disease. I also have a large gap between my front teeth where my gums receded. I am going to try and go back soon to ask if he can do something about the gap because a lot of people have commented on my gap. Not so nice comments either!!