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gum disease, worrier my front tooth will fall out



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Apr 15, 2018
recently, like almost a month ago i started noticing my gums were irritated and bleeding and i went to the doctor and she told me to go see a dentist but out of fear for dentists i postponed it but last week i started noticing my gums receding more and more so i made a appointment at the dentist for yesterday morning. So i went there i explained i was scared of dentists cause i had some trauma in the past she said i had gum disease but not really how bad it was because of the stress and stuff i didn't think to ask how long i'll have till my teeth can't be saved. She took a xray of my mouth and said i also had one bad wisdom tooth i had to get pulled first before she could treat me for the gum disease. i said i rather have it get done under complete sedation at the hospital cause i just don't want to go to all the stress and worries. so now i have to call the hospital tomorrow morning and make a appointment. i'm gonna say it's urgent so i hope i can go as fast as possible and i can go back to the dentist to fix my gum disease.now i'm just worried and keep thinking about losing my front teeth, i really wouldn't want that to happen they are not loose or anyhting but i'm just worried it will happen anyday and then i'll be screwed. maybe i am overthinking it(most likely) and jsut worrying for nothing yet and i still got time but i have no idea how fast it can go.Can anybody please easy my mind so i can stop stressing and worrying about it.
Hi kelka, sorry to hear about your anxiety. I'm not a dentist but quite sure that losing teeth due to gum desease takes some time. Even if your teeth were lose you still would have some time to treat them. I know this because there have been enough members here on the forum with lose teeth who still managed to go like that for weeks and months till the appointment. So given your teeth are not loose, you must have enough time to get the wisdom tooth out.
By the way, if the treatment were so urgent, your dentist would take immediate action and inform you about that because saving teeth is dentists main job. Hope this helped a lot for the beginning. All the best wishes.
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hey Enarete!thanks a lot. Your kind words do help, i hope i do have enough time left but either way, i kinda made peace with it cause there is nothing really i can do at this moment about it .I also stopped smoking because of it and i don't want to make it worser also rinsing my mouth with this special mouthwash so i hope doing that will also help prolong it.
ok so i finally got the appointment at the hospital to pull my tooth on the 30th this month. since it's still almost2 weeks away i called my dentist and asked him if he couldn't already treat my gum disease since i'm worried about it so i got a appointment this friday. i really feel much calmer now i do realize i probably overreacted a little bit but i am always like that. just telling my story so others can maybe learn from it or find some ease in it